Sony HT-A3000 3.1ch Dolby Atmos DTS:X Soundbar Works with Alexa & Google Assistant


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Step Inside the Sound

The HT-A3000 immerses you in authentic surround sound with a center speaker for clear dialogue and a built-in dual subwoofer for impressive power. With optional rear speakers, it supports 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, so you can lose yourself in your favorite movies, TV shows and music.

Product Highlights:

Get the full effect of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® with Sony’s Vertical Surround Engine, S-Force PRO Front Surround and 360 Spatial Sound Mapping

360 Spatial Sound that adapts to your environment available with optional rear speakers

Sound Field Optimization easily calibrates the HT-A3000 to your room

Music comes to life with 360 Reality Audio

Enhance your set up with optional wireless subwoofers and rear speakers

Pair the HT-A3000 with a BRAVIA XR™ TV to enjoy Acoustic Center Sync and easy access to the soundbar controls

Premium omni-directional block design

Product Features:

360 Spatial Sound that adapts to your environment – With optional compatible rear speakers

With optional rear speakers added, 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology creates a sound field optimized for your unique space enveloping you in sound from multiple phantom speakers. And with and a wide listening area, everyone gets the same sound experience.

Calibrate Sound to Your Space

There’s no need to precisely place the optional speakers. The soundbar with built-in microphones does it all for you, intelligently measuring the position of each speaker and optimizing sound to your room. With Sound Field Optimization, the HT-A3000 can be calibrated to your unique room environment. Even if you move the soundbar to another room, you can use the calibration to optimize sound to the new space.

Immersive Surround Sound From a Soundbar

The HT-A3000 3.1ch soundbar has three front speakers including a center speaker designed for clear dialogue, and a built-in dual subwoofer for deep bass. With Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, the sound comes from all around you, maximizing the effects of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X®.

Experience Sound From Above

Thanks to Sony’s virtual surround technology, the soundbar can position sound in vertical space – so you can experience 3D audio without the need for in-ceiling or up-firing speakers. As well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, Vertical Surround Engine lends a more realistic, multi-dimensional sound to other formats too.

Surround Made Simple

Using front speakers only, Sony’s unique digital sound field processing technology virtually reproduces the surround sound field, with audio coming at you from both sides. You can enjoy rich, cinematic surround sound without cluttering your living space.

So Immersive. So Real.

With the HT-A3000, music comes to life. 360 Reality Audio puts you in the middle of the concert, studio session, or whatever you’re listening to, for a totally immersive experience.

Sound From Advanced Speakers and a Subwoofer

Powerful speakers – three front speakers for surround and a built-in dual subwoofer for rumbling bass – work together to deliver clear, wide-ranging sound throughout your room.

Center Speaker For Clear Dialogue

A dedicated center speaker (1) ensures that voice sounds can be clearly heard, whether it’s quick-fire dialogue in your favorite TV show or whispered lines in a movie. It’s great for music too, ensuring a richly detailed listening experience.

Built-In Dual Subwoofer For Deep Bass Sound

The soundbar has a powerful built-in dual subwoofer (2) in the center – so you can enjoy deep bass sound with minimal equipment cluttering up your living space.

X-Balanced Speaker Unit

The built-in dual subwoofer and front speakers feature an X-Balanced Speaker Unit. The unique rectangular shape of these speakers maximizes the diaphragm area for more punchy bass. It also reduces driver excursion while maintaining sound pressure, resulting in less distortion and greater vocal clarity.

Clearer Voice

Deeper bass produces more movement from the speaker diaphragm, and because a full-range diaphragm often needs to reproduce higher frequencies simultaneously, phase modulation distortion can occur. Sony has developed unique signal processing technology to compensate for this effect, resulting in crisp, localized dialogue and vocals.

Extended Bass

It takes a lot of power to accurately reproduce low bass frequencies and there’s often a risk of distortion (A). To combat this, the soundbar uses Sony’s unique signal processing technology to deliver dynamic extended bass, at any volume level (B).

Upscale Your Digital Music in Real Time

Upscale your compressed digital music files in real time. Edge-AI (Artificial Intelligence) uses DSEE Extreme™ (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) technology to dynamically recognize instrumentation, musical genres, and individual elements of songs—like vocals and interludes—and restores the high-end range that compression takes away. The result is a richer and more complete listening experience.

Immerse yourself with an upgrade—wireless subwoofers and rear speakers

For enhanced listening, you have options: Our subwoofers (SA-SW3 and SA-SW5) and rear speaker sets (SA-RS3S or SA-RS5) are designed to expand your listening experience—just power them on and they pair automatically with your soundbar.

Perfect for BRAVIA™ XR TVs

Paired with BRAVIA™ TVs, the HT-A3000 brings you an immersive audio-visual experience with our best picture and sound quality. It’s the perfect soundbar for BRAVIA TVs.

Even More Immersion with BRAVIA Acoustic Center Sync

Connect the HT-A3000 to a BRAVIA XR™ TV with Acoustic Center Sync and both work together as your home theater system’s center speaker. The sound syncs up and you get directional accuracy for the dialogue, so it’s like you’re right in the scene.

Sound Perfectly Matches Action

With Acoustic Center Sync, you’ll hear dialogue from exactly where the character is standing in the scene. Action and sound are precisely aligned so your viewing becomes much more immersive.

Omnidirectional Block Design

The HT-A3000 and optional speakers have been designed under a common Omnidirectional Block concept. Its sophisticated rounded edges represent a single solid block providing wide-spreading sound. The combination of rich material textures emphasises an affinity with any living room environment.

Stream Music From Your Favorite Services

Enjoy all the music you love. The HT-A3000 has built-in support for Spotify Connect™ and other music services via Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi streaming, Chromecast built-in or Apple AirPlay 2.

Even More Voice control with BRAVIA Acoustic Center Sync

The soundbar is compatible with Google Assistant enabled devices with Chromecast built-in™ enabled devices with Chromecast built-in™, and Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

Effortless and Atmospheric Sound

Simply press the Sound Field button on your remote to enjoy atmospheric sound that puts you in the center of the action. When listening to stereo music, just turn off Sound Field for pure speaker audio.

Product Specifications:

Audio Formats

Bluetooth® (Receiver) – AAC, SBC, LDAC

Bluetooth® (Transmitter) – SBC, LDAC

HDMI eARC – Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Dual mono, DTS, DTS HD High Resolution Audio, DTS HD Master Audio, DTS ES, DTS 96/24, DTS:X, LPCM 2ch/5.1ch/7.1ch, LPCM fs -192kHz/24bit

Optical Input – Dolby Digital, Dolby Dual mono, DTS, LPCM 2ch, LPCM fs -48kHz/24bit

USB – DSD(.dsf / .dff ), DSD Fs 5.6MHz, Wav, Flac, ALAC(.m4a, .mov), AIFF(.aiff, .aif), HE AAC, AAC, mp3, Monkey Audio, WMA, Ogg Vorbis


BRAVIA Sync – Yes


Number of Input/Output – – / 1 (eARC/ARC)

eARC – Yes


Input and Output Terminals – Optical-audio input, USB typeA, File System exFAT,FAT12/16/32,vFAT

Bluetooth® – RX/TX

Bluetooth® version – 5.0

IEEE802.11 version – a/b/g/n/ac

Network Function

Network Function – Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Music Service Button, Works with Google Assistant

Sound Function

Sound Effect – Night Mode, Voice Mode

Sound Mode – Sound Field

Virtual Surround Technology – S-Force PRO, Vertical Surround Engine, Dolby Speaker Virtual, DTS Virtual: X

Speaker Layout

Speaker Structure – 3.1ch(Built-in-Subwoofer)

Wireless Features

TV Wireless connection – Yes

Wireless Surround (with optional wireless speakers) – Yes

What’s In The Box

What’s In The Box – Batteries for remote commander, HDMI Cable, AC Cord, Wall Mount Template, Customer Registration Card, Warranty Card


Amplifier Type – Digital Amplifier, S-Master

Amplifier Channels – 5ch

Power Output (Total) – 250 W

Size & Weight

Main Unit Size – Body Only (W x H x D) (INCH) – 37 1/2 in × 2 5/8 in × 5 1/8 in

Main Unit Size – Body Only (W x H x D) (MM) – 950 X 64 X 128

Main Unit Weight – Body Only (KG) – 4.6kg

Main Unit Weight – Body Only (OZ) – 10 lb 3 oz

Power Consumption – 50 W