Mackie CR StealthBar – Desktop PC Soundbar with Bluetooth, USB – (2053722-00)


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Want great sound without the bulk? CR StealthBar slides under your computer monitor and delivers clear, studio-worthy sound.

Can’t fit traditional speakers on your computer desk but still want high-quality sound that knocks your socks off? CR StealthBar is built just for you. Delivering crystal-clear, punchy sound in a compact soundbar design for your desktop, this is something you’re gonna want to hear.

Product Highlights:

  • Compact desktop design fits perfectly under most monitors

  • Legendary Mackie acoustic design and tuning

  • 3 selectable sound-enhancing presets

  • Music

  • Voice

  • Game

  • Mute control

  • USB connectivity for Mac/PC

  • 1/8″ Stereo input

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • 1/8″ Stereo output

  • Swappable feet for height adjustment

  • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 4 x 18.7 x 3 in / 102 x 475 x 76 mm

  • Weight: 4.3 lb / 2 kg

Designed By Pro Audio Nerds
Like the rest of the CR Series, StealthBar shares a legendary Mackie acoustic design and tuning pedigree. Tuned for crisp highs, clear midrange, and punchy bass, we have created an absolute monster that brings the powerful live sound and studio experience to your desk.

No Tradeoffs
Whether you are used to your built-in computer speakers or the usual bulky desktop speakers, you won’t miss your old setup. CR StealthBar delivers massive sound despite its size.

Keep it Clean
We know how clumsy it can be setting up speakers and running wires. Simplify your gear and connect with a single cable. There’s even room to run any wires from your keyboard, USB mic, or mouse directly under it for a super clean look.

Product Features:

Learn more about what makes CR StealthBar the perfect audio system for your desktop

Flexible – Work, Play, and Everything In Between
From content creation to movies to gaming, CR StealthBar delivers an audio experience that will inspire your creativity and immerse your desk space in full, rich sound.

Connect – Wired or Wireless?
CR StealthBar offers a handful of ways to get connected. Get digital with USB, go wireless and pair it via Bluetooth, or connect to the headphone output of any device.

Customize – Your Sound, The Way You Like It
Tailor CR StealthBar to sound perfect for you with the push of a button. Choose from 3 tone presets: Music, Voice, and Game, that enhance the sound in unique ways.

Fast – Quick Control
Blasting some embarrassing “music” when your friend walks in? Hit the convenient mute or do a smooth fadeout with the front panel volume control.

Adjust – Short or Shorter
CR StealthBar includes an extra set of taller feet so it can sit neatly above just about any monitor stand. This also ensures any cables can be ran under CR StealthBar.