KEF M-Series M500 Hi-Fi Headphones – Black


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Comfortable and compact with crystal-clear quality
There’s hi-fi audio, and then there’s the KEF M500 On-Ear Headphone. The M500 headphones articulate every aspect of your music from its 1.5 inch, high definition response neodymium drivers to your ears without a single interruption, thanks to acoustic sealing rings in each ear cup. Simply put, you’ll never miss a single stroke of the bow, pluck of the strings, or intricate vocal run ever again.

The M500’s aluminum frame was acoustically engineered to optimize clarity, dynamics and bass weighting, as well as meticulously designed to sit comfortably on your head. Once you’re done listening to your music, the M500 effortlessly folds up and can be stored in its hardshell case. missing are timeless albums and infectious tunes to stream, but we’re confident you’ve got that covered.

Sleek Design
The KEF M500’s sleek, stylish look was crafted by our audio engineers alongside Studio F.A. Porsche, of Porsche vehicle fame. The result of our collaboration is a design that enhances the M500 listening experience, from strategically positioned tuning plates to meticulously-planned acoustic chambers, all while retaining a sleek new look.

Product Details

  • Thanks to our unique multi-directional Smart Hinge, the M500’s lightweight aluminum frame comfortably conforms to the shape of your head and folds up neatly after use.
  • The KEF M500 features an integrated in-line microphone and remote volume/play control on a tangle-free flat cable for iPhone and other Apple products.
  • The M500 sits comfortably on your ears, encompassing each with our own breathable and sweat-resistant memory foam ear pads. These pads also provide noise isolation and maximize bass performance.
  • With an additional tangle-free cable, flight adapter, and complimentary hardshell case, the KEF M500 is designed for listening on the go.
  • The KEF M500 uses a 1.5 inch neodymium driver to deliver its signature hi-fi sound audio, alongside copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils and mounted apertures in the acoustic chamber to optimize clarity.