KEF M-Series M100 Earbuds – Gold


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Hi-fi earbuds for the mobile audiophile
Simply put, the KEF M100 Hi-Fi In-Ear Headphones are earbuds that create a soundstage similar to an on-ear pair of headphones. The M100 earbuds boast a full-range 0.3 inch neodymium driver that faithfully replicates your favorite’s artist’s live performance in your ears.

The M100 headphones incorporate an angled earbud design for optimal comfort and to best deliver a pristine and balanced sound, and feature an in-line microphone that doubles as a remote for your music.

Uncompromised Quality
At the heart of each KEF M100 hi-fi earbud is an ingeniously damped full-range 0.3 inches neodymium driver. The driver, much like the drivers used in our on-ear headphones, is meticulously engineered to express your favorite artist’s performance as closely to the original as possible.

Product Details

  • In line with KEF’s obsessive pursuit of ever-higher sonic resolution, the M100 hi-fi in-ear headphones deliver a full, crisp, and accurate response, with each instrument clearly differentiated.
  • With 10mm neodymium drivers and a unique angled chamber engineered to minimize distortion, the listening experience offered by the KEF M100 retains the intensity of an artist’s original live performance.
  • The KEF M100’s in-line microphone and play/pause functions are compatible with all Apple products, meaning less hassle and more listening.
  • The KEF M100 was designed with comfort in mind. Each aluminum earbud is ergonomically angled for a snug, comfortable fit, and comes with different sized rubber eartips to best suit your needs.
  • When you’re done enjoying your KEF M100, you can comfortably slip it into its softshell case and safely store it in your pocket or bag.