Deco Gear Dual 25″ Gaming Monitors with LED Gaming Desk and Mechanical Keyboard Bundle


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The DGVIEW250F provides the ultimate professional gaming experience available to everyone – the perfect combination of speed and detail.


Utilizing a beautiful IPS panel, this gaming monitor gives you the best combination of viewing angles, color reproduction, and speed. With built-in tools to tailor the monitor to your own needs, this monitor is ready to create the best professional gaming experience.


Overdrive capable, this monitor reduces distracting motion blur to keep you focused on the action. A 144Hz refresh rate and 1 millisecond response time (GTG) allows your twitch reflexes to shine on the perfectly sized 25” screen.


There’s no sacrificing looks for speed here – get immersed in beautiful 99% sRGB color reproduction and see games as they’re meant to be seen. With adaptive sync, get a seamless tear-free visual experience that ups the senses and your game.


Featuring a full high-definition 1920 x 1080 resolution experience, this monitor automatically enables the best possible contrast ratio and brightness to achieve the right color pops and amount of black on the screen.


With multiple built-in game and eye strain reducing modes, this monitor comes with a desktop stand that allows for tilt and swivel adjustment. It’s also VESA mount compatible – 75 x 75 mm.

Product Highlights

A True Gaming Monitor
Built to take you to the top of the leaderboards, this monitor features everything you need for a competitive edge

Lightning Quick IPS Panel
With a 1 millisecond response time, this Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle monitor offers superior image quality, color accuracy, and viewing angles

Must-Have Refresh Rate
Keep the action on your screen smooth and easy to track – a 144Hz refresh rate gives you an edge while displaying your games as they’re meant to be seen

Ideal Screen Size
Every second counts – smaller screens keep your eyes focused on the important action and help prevent unnecessary wandering

Brilliant Color Reproduction
NTSC: 85% |  DCI-P3: 93% | sRGB: 99% | Adobe RGB: 88%

Not only is the action on-screen smooth as silk, but the displayed colors will leave you in awe every time

Product Specifications:

Panel Size: 24.5“

Panel Type: IPS (AHVA)

Curvature: Flat

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

HDR support: HDR-ready

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Bezel Type: 3-frameless bezel

Display Viewing Area(H*V) (mm): 543.744(H)X302.616(V)

Panel Backlight Type: Edge

Display Surface: Non-Glare

NTSC: 85%

DCI-P3: 93%

sRGB: 99%

Adobe RGB: 88%

Pixel Pitch (H) x (V): 0.2832(H) x 0.2802(V) mm

Brightness (nits)(Max.): 300(TYP), 250(MIN)

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

View Angle(H/V): 178°(H)/178°(V)

Panel bit depth: 8bits

Display Colors: 16.7M

Panel Response Time w/o OD: 5ms

Response Time with OD: 1ms

Refresh Rate (Max.): 144 Hz

Scaler PN: MST 91A4

Adaptive Sync Range: 48-144Hz

Connections: HDMI 1.4 (1), HDMI 2.0 (1), DP 1.2 (1), Audio Out (1), USB Type-C (1)

Power Delivery: Type-C 15W

Tilt: -5°~+20°

VESA Mount: 75x75mm

Controls: Power Button, OSD Button, RockerKey

Kensington Lock: Yes

Power Consumption: 65W (19V 3.42A)

Power Saving Mode:<>

Power Off Mode:<>

Power Type: Power adapter

Power Supply: 65W (19V 3.42A)

Dimensions (W*H*D)

With Stand: 21.9 x 16.7 x 8.2 in

Without Stand: 21.9 x 13.3 x 2.8 in

Features: Warm Color Temperature, Blue light control, User modes (Standard, Photo, Movie, Game, FPS, RTS), DCR, 7 Languages (English, Chinese, Korean, French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish), Flicker-Free, Adaptive Sync, Over Drive, FPS/RTS Game Modes, GAME PLUS, PIP/PBP, PQ Settings

INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE: Deco Gear 47″ LED Gaming Desk

Your dream gaming setup needs more than just a custom-built rig and monitor – build a solid foundation with the Deco Gear DGGDK100 Gaming Desk!

Complete your gaming battle station with a high-performance, comfortable, and feature-packed gaming desk that adds modern design, organization, and convenience to your favorite pastime. 

Built with a carbon steel frame, this desk easily supports up to 176 pounds – more than enough weight to hold a desktop, monitor(s), and other gaming peripherals. With impact-resistant ABS design elements and a water-resistant 47 x 25-inch P2PB surface, this desk is more than capable of handling some lost online matches.

This desk also adds ambiance to your game room with its USB-powered RGB lighting array. With a built-in toggle switch, you can choose from six colors – purple, blue, yellow, green, red, and cyan – to match your custom-built rig, as well as a color cycling mode that automatically switches between choices.

Tired of unsightly wires hugging your wall or getting tangled in your feet? With the cable management storage box, your desktop may be littered with energy drinks, but at least your power cords will stay neat, tidy, and out of sight.

Other features include two headphone storage hooks on either side of the desk as well as a cup holder for easy access to hydration. Adjustable feet on the bottom of the desk keep it stable and level. We also include a 31.5-inch mouse pad to provide a large surface for precise mouse movements and stable keyboard placement.

Product Features

You’ve built the perfect gaming machine, now get the desk to match with comfortable ergonomic form, beautiful carbon fiber design, and handy organizing features

At 47” wide, fit the essentials and more on the sturdy water-resistant P2PB desk. Fit an ultrawide monitor or multiple smaller monitors with plenty to spare for your mouse and keyboard

Build the ultimate gaming atmosphere with beautiful RGB in impact-resistant housing. Powered by USB with a toggle switch, choose from 6 colors – purple, blue, yellow, green, red, and cyan.

No stray wires here – all power cords are fed to the cable storage box keeping off of your wall and out of sight

This desk comes with a full-size 31.5” mouse pad, 2 headphone storage hooks, 4 adjustable leveling feet, and a cup holder for your beverage of choice

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 47.2 x 25.2 x 30.3 in (120 x 64 x 77 cm)

Max Weight: 176 lb (80 kg)

Material: Carbon Steel, ABS, P2PB

RGB Lighting: 6 colors | Static Mode, Rotating Color Mode

Available RGB Colors: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Cyan

RGB Power Source: USB

Accessories: 2 headphone storage hooks, 1 cup holder, 31.5″ mouse pad included

INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE: Deco Gear Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Red

Improve your game at home and at work with the Deco Gear KMECHY1K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Make typing more enjoyable and add a customizable RGB aesthetic to your computer desk.

Totaling 104 keys, this wired mechanical keyboard uses the ultra-versatile Cherry MX Red switches that provide satisfaction, accuracy, and speed with every keypress. A linear style switch, Cherry MX Reds are great for gamers and professionals thanks to a 45-gram activation force and rapid keypress registry.

Additionally, this keyboard features full anti-ghosting technology, ensuring that every key you press is a key that is registered. Cut down on typing mistakes when writing your college essay and make sure you always make the right moves when gaming.

Designed with a slick RGB lighting scheme that illuminates the top of your keyboard and underneath, choose from 12 key backlight modes, 4 side lighting modes, and create up to 5 custom backlight modes.

Ergonomically designed, this gaming keyboard comes with a detachable palm rest that provides an ideal wrist position when typing. Enjoy fast access to commonly needed functions such as music and volume controls, email, internet browser, and more! A control knob lets use control voice volume and RGB brightness on-the-fly.

Download Customaztion Software that lets you tailor your keyboard experience even further. Tune your RGB lighting, key brightness, mapping, configure macros, and key response to your preferences.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards have been around for decades. Aside from the telltale “clicky-clack” sound, it’s generally the clunky, white, sturdy-looking classics that come to mind when thinking about what a mechanical keyboard is. When these were replaced by the cheaper membrane keyboards of the 1990s and 2000s, many didn’t notice they were using an inferior product. 

Today, enthusiasts, professionals, and competitive gamers prefer the advantages, comfort, longevity, and satisfaction that a mechanical keyboard brings. The secret with a mechanical keyboard is what lies underneath each key – switches. These come in many variations depending on how you like to type, but on the whole, a keypress on a mechanical keyboard activates a spring-loaded physical switch. Each press is accompanied by an audible “click” letting you know that the keypress has been registered.

More accurate, more comfortable, and more fun to use, mechanical keyboards improve typing across the board.

Is Cherry MX Red good for gaming?

Yes! The Deco Gear DGKMECHY1K Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX switches are linear-style switches. Without the “bump” felt in tactile feedback style switches, Cherry MX switches register repeat presses without having to reset past the bump. In short, this means gamers will enjoy increased speed when rapidly tapping.

Is Cherry MX Red good for typing?

Cherry MX Reds are widespread switches and the go-to for mechanical enthusiasts. Each individual key only requires 45 grams of force to register a keypress, letting users glide across the keyboard as they type.


Product Features

Cherry Red MX Switch

Linear-style switches that provide increased tactile feedback, responsiveness, and speed when typing or gaming

RGB Lighting

Choose from 12 key backlight modes, 4 side lighting modes, and create up to 5 custom backlight modes

Anti-Ghosting Keys

Complete anti-ghosting technology that registers every single keypress simultaneously, no matter what

Custom Software

Customize your RGB lighting, key brightness, mapping, configure macros, and key response to your preference

Dedicated Function Keys

Get quick access to commonly needed functions such as music and volume controls, email, internet browser, and more!



Power: 5V | <350 mA

Product Dimensions: 17.8” x 5.9” x 1.5”

Palm Rest Size: 17.8” x 2.9”

Product Weight: 2.8 lb

Cable Length: 5.9 ft USB 2.0 | Copper-braided wire with magnet ring

Keyboard Switch Lifespan: Over 50 million presses

RGB Modes: 

12 RGB Backlight Modes

4 Side RGB Backlight Modes

5 Custom Backlight Modes

Operating Systems: Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10

Keyboard Customization Software Download Link: